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Junior Front End Developer

Extra Space – San Jose, California – View Listing

Product Manager

Elegant Themes – San Francisco, California – View Listing

UX Researcher

Divi Corner – San Francisco, California – View Listing


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Jonathan Rice

“We've outsourced all our talents from this platform, and all of them are quite the gem. Thank you so much Job-Patrol for the incredible service and experience, definitely would recommend it to anyone.”


“I'm a freelancer, and this platform has provided me more than enough opportunities. I'm super happy to be part of it. Nothing much to say, but it's a must-try for every job seeker.”

Junray Tulang

“Here at the WritingPub, we can't express our happiness to get the right wordsmiths and join our team. Thank you very much Job-Patrol for helping us out. Not only will they show talents but recommend the right one for you!”



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